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Since ancient times we have been decorating ourselves with various objects.

Certain symbols and stones were believed to ward off evil spirits, attract wealth, or demonstrate love.


Jewellery that signifies symbolic and spiritual beliefs is still very much in vogue today. Wearing jewellery has become an expression of a person's identity.

You can use it as a reflection of your personality and creativity that you can show to the world.


We find it is important to create products by hand as the average handmade business is a lot greener and sustainable on average!

We do not waste large amounts of materials. We either work in our own studio or collaborate with craftswomen where we make sure there isn't much transport involved.

In order to minimise CO2 emissions, we do not develop any mass-produced goods.

The limited edition ensures that you have an unique piece of jewelry!


With Folk earrings, you combine distinctive taste with honouring craftsmanship at its best.These unique beaded earrings are handmade in Ukraine.

To create our one of a kind folk earrings our craftswoman Olena uses techniques that have been known in Slavic folk art for centuries and passed down from generation to generation.


Material: glass seed beads

Option: The hooks of our earrings are hypoallergenic, nickel-free and available in silver and gold.