After learning how to make ceramic whiteware, Laurine understood the need to use natural materials like clay. It made her realize the importance of contributing to a better environment through her brand.


Besides this, the founder of Cake was intrigued by the food eating culture in the south of Europe and how different it is from the north. In the south, people have lunch in restaurants with colleagues and spend that time to catch up.


Because people from the northern part of the continent bring their own lunch to work, they use a lot of disposable packaging material 

to wrap their lunch in.

As so much food packaging has ended up in waterways, the United Nations has declared the plastic pollution of oceans “a planetary crisis.” 

Cake found an alternative to reuse packaging materials, so it will reduce plastic consumption.

This handmade cotton lunch bag is reusable because the inner fabric is waterproof. 

With the vintage string-tie fastening we can avoid contributing to hazardous chemicals.

To make sure Cake reuses as many materials as possible, the buttons are made of coconut!