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Modern bead jewelry continues to gain popularity and captivate others with their beauty

Find the white shirt blue jeans duo boring? Not anymore!

Go ahead and read all about white shirt and blue jeans and how to make the outfit look more interesting!

White tees to blue jeans are like peanut butter and jelly or oysters and champagne -they just wouldn't be the same without each other. However, the fashion formula can become a bit predictable, particularly if it's your go-to outfit on a daily basis.

The simplest of ways to upgrade the white-tee look?

What is the seed bead jewelry trend? Seed beads are a staple component that can be incorporated into a wide variety of craft and jewelry designs. In jewelry, the pieces are stunning due to the intense detail offered by the tiny seed bead components. Though tiny in size, seed beads have played a huge role across cultures for many years. Miniature masterpieces, seed beads have been objects of ornamentation for centuries. They have represented power, wealth and spirituality, been included in rituals and ceremonies and treasured as currency, opening doors for global trade expansion. With a history over 100,000 years, beads have been made, worn and traded by nearly every culture in the world.

Cake honours Ukrainian beadwork

Since ancient times women have decorated head and neck with such items, and men have decorated hats. They were the most widespread in Galicia, Bukovina and Zakarpathya, while in the east of Ukraine such decoration was little known.

Our "Folk" earring line is handcrafted, using no machines and each piece is an original; just like the traditional beadwork.

In ancient times the beads had 2 functions: It was a protection – against evil spirits, it was a sign of age and it showed the social status of the owner. That’s why the seed beads were important and perfect for everyday clothes and for folk costumes.

The bead accessories remain national guards, and that's why our craftswoman manufactures such jewelry only in a good mood!

Modern bead jewelry continues to gain popularity and to captivate others with their beauty. They make any look perfect and people happier!