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Printmaking is the process of producing artwork by printing (often on paper). It mostly covers the process of creating prints that have some originality to them, rather than a photograph being reproduced into a painting.


Printmaking hassurvived many cultural and technological changes over many years, which is why Cake's founder finds this particularly interesting. It's the whole process and experience of printmaking that makes it special.


The founder of Cake has a fascination with graffiti because of the different opinions people have on the subject.

Approval and disapproval are often based on moral and aesthetic judgments and a combination of the two.

Pieces and murals are one type of graffiti that is accepted and even welcomed, yet other types are considered vandalism.


By offering a print with graffiti as the subject, you can get people to see the concept of graffiti through a different lens.


Screen print (3 layers)

New York Graffiti Truck

Handprinted Limited edition of 30

Paper: Uncoated off-white paper, FSC certified.

Size: 40 x 40 cm | 16 x 16 "